Sunday, February 13, 2005

Energy - A Beginners Guide

NATTA’s guide to how to get to grips with energy issues

Can’t tell a kWh from a gigajoule? Lost when faced with talk of primary energy and entropy?

Never mind. This short booklet should help you make sense of the mysteries of energy production and the equally mysterious terms used by the specialist to describe it.

Designed as a companion text for use by readers of NATTA’s journal RENEW, it should also be of use to a wider audience. In fact to anyone who wants to understand energy- and who slept through their physics lessons.


1. Energy Sources

2. What is Energy?

3. Primary Energy

4. Making Sense of Units

5. National and Global Energy Use- and its impacts

6. Reducing Environmental Impacts

7. Sustainable Energy Options

8. The Renewable Future

9. Conclusion

Energy Glossary